Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Be The Music In You

To some people it may seem that I am some kind of dance music vocalist, singing over the popular genre of EDM lately and getting involved in Bass and House music.
The above is true! However, so much more than that is true!

A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. None of the tons of projects I have been working on the last 6 months were pulling through and my whole focus went on just getting another single out.

I had to stop myself and become centred again in who I truly am at that point as I wasn't happy and felt the wrong kind of pressure on me. My passion became my burden. It felt uncomfortable and bad at the time but it lead me to the inner space I needed to be. I dug out an old diary and found this written on the 4th November 2012:

"I want to make music that's authentic, makes people think and has a positive impact!"

I am not just a vocalist wanting to make it in the more and more commercialised electronic dance music scene. I'm a musician who, since the young age of 4, has learnt and played piano and wrote songs since the age of 10, hit the studio since the age of 12!

Yes, I got somewhat distracted by being in a band that had no creative influence over the music and then spent a good few years dancing, BUT music is the deepest passion I carry in me and the most honest thing I can share with people when words aren't sufficient enough.

So I have come back to who I truly am and let that carry me to the success I also wish for, but not for the sake of success but for the sake of the beauty music carries - the butterflies it creates when I hear someone's honest song...the beats that beat alongside my heartbeat when the bass awakes deeper emotions in me...

After spending my monday afternoon in Starbucks reading my favourite fashion mag "Elle" and reading what Editor Lorraine Candy had to say about Michelle Williams, I was inspired to write the blog I am writing and share what's been brewing on my heart. Lorraine writes: "(...) I have never come across a celebrity who has engendered such a positive response(...). You can analyse it every which way, but really it's just about being authentic and real."
Authenticity goes a long way and I will keep writing honest songs and work with producers I love, even if they are or the genre isn't not the most wanted!

I'd love for this blog to be more interactive! Why don't you comment with a link to your favourite song that makes you feel alive and I will promise to tweet it too (it can't be to promote your own music!).

Photo credits: Lukes Yates

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