Saturday 5 December 2020

"Fast Forward" EP

 Happy Friday! (sorry it's Saturday now)

I haven't written a personal blog in a while, so I thought it was about time! The last couple of months have been exciting releasing the singles "Here Right Now", "City Lights" plus their remixes and videos all leading up to this weeks' EP release "Fast Forward". 

Whilst struggling along with Long Covid for the past almost 9 months (hence this post is coming out a day late as I felt too exhausted whilst working on it yesterday), it's been a light on a dark road receiving all the support from you, my fans, from DJs, podcaster, music bloggers and vloggers around the world. I can't thank you enough for listening to and sharing my music. 

"Fast Forward" is the EP I have been waiting for. 
A piece of work with just my name on to stand out as a solo artist. I've been working on it for over 2 years and I'm thrilled for it to finally see the light of day. Your support in any way means the world. Whether it's sending me a tweet about it, streaming or sharing it, as an independent artist, every little counts.

 Please see my Press Release below to read more about the EP:

"Fast Forward is Maya Wolff’s Debut EP as a dance music artist in her own right. Coming to all stores 2nd December 2020 on Wolff Recordings

This 5 track release of fresh genre spanning club music combines commercial dance pop, deep house, electronica, with hints of breakbeats, darker vibes, fast lyrics and high notes. 

Not bending to the rules of what is expected of a vocalist and songwriter within one genre, “Fast Forward” perfectly mirrors Maya Wolff’s capability as an artist - versatile and with a vision to stand out and attract a wide audience of dance music lovers.   

The singles from the EP “Here Right Now” and “City Lights” with remixes by Steve Brian and Austin Leeds have attracted a huge amount of radio play including on BBC, features in podcasts and mixes such as “Enhanced sessions 582” and both entered the Top 10 in the Beatport genre charts. 

The EP kicks of with track “If Only” that will want to make you break out into routine on the dance floor. “Rise up” is a track that will stick in your head with its slower vibe in contrast to final track “Running” that saw it’s creation during a caffeine infused, late-night writing session."

If you can get your copy from Beatport it would be amazing to see it climb higher!