Friday 13 September 2019

FASHION - Sacred Hearts Boutique & Solo Stylist

I'm not someone that hangs out with lots of girls all the time so when I do find women I connect with, I truly support them and take time for them. And so it seems do they! Just over a year ago, my hair needed rescuing from an expensive mistake going to Tony and Guy. I found just the girl for it - Ella aka Solo Stylist

She has done a fabulous job with my hair ever since and she's also great to hang out with!

Also about a year ago I did an editorial photoshoot that was published in Elegant Magazine  , I was on a weight loss journey at the time and didn't feel I was in the best shape of my life but decided to go in front of the camera anyway. I made a promise to myself that in a years time I would go back to the same location to do another beach wear shoot. 

Discussing this idea with Ella, she suggested to link up with another one of her entrepreneurial clients that own Sacred Hearts Boutique . 

Running your own business can be super challenging at times but meeting women like me who are fighting for their dreams and goals is refreshing and the girl power really spills over to one another. Not only do these women run their own businesses, they also did a great job being creative behind the camera taking great shots!

Make sure you check them out and leave them some nice comments on their socials!