Saturday 3 November 2018

FASHION - Beach Editorial Publication

4.30am - the alarm went off! I went straight to the Espresso machine to wake up for the morning ahead. I somehow manage to sleep for a few hours as usually my bedtime is not long before that wake up call!

Photographer Julia Sabiniarz arrived with her MUA Holly Mcgoochan and fellow model Crystal Rodrigues to start on the hair and make up whilst it was slowly getting lighter. 

Between making and drinking more coffee, Holly got us models ready to hit the beach at 6am. 
We drove to Rottingdean, a small quaint town just outside of Brighton to catch the early sunbeams of the wonderful summer we've been having. 

Julia used the light and captured the atmosphere of this early morning perfectly. The water was warm enough to enjoy jumping in to capture some creative shots! 

We were even more pleased when we found out that Elegant Magazine was going to publish some of these edits in their October edition! 

It's been a one of a kind shoot that was certainly out of my comfort zone, but this is where the good and exciting stuff happens! 

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