Freitag, 23. November 2018

NEWS - "No One Should Be Alone" OUT TODAY

After our Trance No1 hitting release, DJ Abscence and I decided to crack on with a follow up single. 
I was walking through the streets of Brighton, UK listening to the new instrumental he had sent towards the end of last winter. 
We had an exceptionally cold winter and as I was walking through the biting cold I was reminded of the unacceptable rise in homelessness in London and the South- East of the UK (see screenshot below for reference). There are rough sleepers on every corner of town. 
As I was listening to the instrumental, the words and melody came to me within minutes:

Unattainable lives 
Only the strongest survive 
Meeting ends
Ending dreams 
Stop to believe 

The ones that used to be there
They just stop and stare 
From the other side 
Not know what it's like

No one should be alone 

 (this bit didn't make it into the song as it didn't quite fit musically):
And if you can’t stand 
We’ll take the fall
And if you shall fall

We’ll fall for it all 

Homelessness is probably only a small cause of loneliness -  depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, illness and many more factors can cause this feeling of isolation. I'm sure we've all been there at some point in our lives. So let the music be a reminder to us to be kind and sensitive to the people around us and share the music with someone that might need to hear it must!  

As with every song, it goes on a journey of being refined over and over again. But here we are with another collaboration that is very close to my heart! A big thank you to all those that have already bought it on pre-order! I'm super excited to see how well it'll do! 

Make sure you get your copy here, if you haven't yet to support this cause of raising awareness for such a rising issue that doesn't seem to be going anywhere!


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