Sunday 1 January 2017

2017...starting with a BANG!

Happy New Year 
to all you wonderful followers, friends and music lovers!

I hope you all had a great time celebrating the past year in anticipation of an amazing 2017 ahead!

I got to spend last night with some of my absolutely best and closest people in my life eating amazing food, dancing and partying. 
This new year is already making me feel really excited and super positive about the weeks and months to come. 

If you're a follower in the USA you're gonna love this announcement:

I've been booked to play Electric Glowdance in Seattle and another show in LA in March! After playing gigs in the UK and Europe last year I'm excited to be back in America!

Details for the LA show TBC! 

Please have a look at my 2017 performance trailer to get a sneak peak and if you are a promoter/work for festivals,night clubs etc. I'd love to book in more shows especially while I'm out in the USA but also in the rest of the world of course!


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