Thursday 10 May 2018

FASHION - Wedding Style Shoot

Wedding Style Photoshoot 

It's been a while since I have published a fashion post even though I have been involved in a few photoshoots! 

Please don't send me any congratulations, my real wedding is yet to come... one day (who needs papers when you're happily in love anyway:p)! 

Enjoy the pics! 
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Wednesday 2 May 2018

Fitness/Dance PART 3 & 4

With my last title of the post with Part 2 it also said "2018 is on fire". It still is! So much so that I have been a lot busier with releasing and shouting about music than uploading Part 3 & 4 of this series. 

This month I have set myself a target of completing 30 days of gym I started in April (got ill after day 4 but back on track now)!

In fact I'm about to head out there for my day 8/30! 
( You can follow my progress on )  
But before I go, here is some inspiration for you to also do some fitness in a fun way at home learning a cool routine. 

If you have missed part 1 & 2, make sure you start with those first: 

Credits go to my dancers Vida & Freya Angel and Colourflow Active Wear 

I'm off to the gym! Have a great rest of the week xxx