Friday 11 January 2019

NEWS - New Single Out "Dig Deeper"

Happy 2019!

Let's start this bleak January with New Music! 
Two Days ago "Dig Deeper", a collaboration with Freeman was released and we're off to a good start sitting at No25 in the Beatport Trance Hype charts! 

You might remember last year I had a moment of being very honest on here, how the music industry had taken some of my joy for making music. It was a turning point for me to write about deeper subjects! 

The lyrics to "Dig Deeper" are a reflection of a part of a past life...

When you've lost yourself
And you question everything 
How you used to think and trust your believes

It was always you 
Everything you do 
And by your faith you are God

Dig Deeper, Reach Higher, You will see the light 

I have a bit of a crazy story of converting to extreme evangelical Christianity in my pre-teens. They got me when I was young and vulnerable and still childish enough to be easily manipulated into a faith that is always set on recruiting more followers. I had some crazy experiences, especially emotionally. 

Now that I am not a believer anymore and managed to escape the prison that is labelled "freedom and eternal salvation", I have realised how incredibly capable humans are to feel and achieve by their faith. 

As I don't believe in anything higher anymore I still believe that I didn't make any of my experiences up that were deeply moving and made my life work in a special way. I do believe that all of that lies within everybody. 

Everyone can turn their life around, feel incredible things and move mountains! "By your faith you are God!" But we might have to dig a little deeper into ourselves and reach a little higher ! 

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How deep will you dig this year? How high will you reach? Your for those dreams, for the life you've always wanted! 
There's happiness, hope, light and love within all of us and even more so we have incredible powers to bring things to life!