Wednesday 14 March 2018

NEWS - "Music Save Tonight" Release

It's been long awaited and with everything going on in the background these things always seem to take forever from hearing a track for the first time, writing to it, recording it, liaising with the producers, making changes .... until it's actually OUT!

Even though things take time, this has been one of the easiest, most fun collaborations I've been working on lately and the track reflects that - an easy to listen, happy house track . 

I really hope you like it and if you do and want to take the time to download it, here's the deal - 

I have explored many ways to promote a track and I want to try something new. 
Instead of putting money into some social media advert that might get me a few more post clicks, I'd rather put the money and the music into YOUR pocket, for you to shoutout about it, this way we accumulate more downloads, stand a chance to chart which is advertising in itself and you get new music to listen to. 

For the first 25 people that get in touch that download the track form the link on Beatport and tweet me a screenshot of your receipt and dm (on twitter/facebook/IG or email with me your paypal, I'll reimburse you. If you could in return also tweet/IG/FB about the track that would be super appreciated. 

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