Thursday 23 June 2016

News - Piano Ep "Inside Out" Release


...the deepest thoughts and emotions can only be told through the mystery of melodies... 


It's been a year since the first track of this EP has been written and it's all come together to this 5 track piano EP. There were no rules in writing this EP but purely came to existence through moments in time sitting down at the piano, moving my fingers in the direction of my heart and emotions. It truly reflects the title "Inside Out". 

The Ep will be released on the 11th July 2016 !

Pre-orders can only be made through 

I have had a limited edition of 50 hardcopies pressed. 20 of them have already been reserved and some of you were so quick to respond on social networks that the first batch has already been sent. 

Unless you have already reserved a CD with me personally, the only way now to get a hardcopy is to pre-order through Bandcamp and will be sent around the release date!

The EP will of course be available digitally on all common platforms such as Itunes, Amazon, Google etc from the 11th July

THANK YOU to everyone that has shared their love with me for my piano work that has continually encouraged me to take it a step further.
Piano is one of my greatest passions in life and it's a privilege to share it with you! 

A big thank you to everyone that's been involved in making it sound great, helping with the artwork, the styling, photography, the fashion, the hair, the behind the scenes holding of lights and reflectors... 

Monday 6 June 2016

News: Get fit for summer and stay hydrated with Bobble

Bobble Bottle... one of my most closest thing to the most literal sense! I have a bobble bottle never further than a few steps away from me. I don't even notice the habit anymore until I flick through pictures and spot the Bobble in so many of them. 
(Spot the Bobble above, totally not intentional having it in the shot!)

I have grown up drinking tap water with an integrated filter system in our water pipes, so I've always been re-filling empty bottles and feel strongly about drinking tap water and saving the earth from plastic bottles filling up landfills (where plastic won't be recycled). 

The trouble is, I haven't been living at mum's house with an integrated filter system for the last decade and I travel a lot and tap water can vary depending on your location. Bobble has the filter in the actual bottle so the water filters through as you drink and you certainly can taste the difference and it is also BPA free!
You should check out all the facts on their website for all the info on how their filtering system works:

Since I came across Bobble a couple of years ago, the bottles haven't left my side. They are in my handbag, next to my bed, I even carry them into the bathroom with me.... (I know right.... it's just habit now to carry it around with me).

When working out, keeping hydrated is a key factor to putting nutrients back in our body and helping our recovery time. As we sweat we lose water, so it's important to drink a lot during and after exercise. Bobble has sent me some of their sports bottles to try out and they are my best workout buddy - the shape sits perfectly in your hand and the plastic is very flexible so it's easy to squeeze a lot of water out in a short amount of time. 

Bobble now even has infuser bottles you can stuff fruits and veggies in, which makes it even more nutritious and give your body some of those nutrients back it may lose during exercise.

Also, with summer coming up, Bobble let me try out their new insulate Bobble which is great to keep the water nice and cool. I love my Bobble and I see more and more of my friends use it... even my little newphew loves his Bobble. 

So grab a Bobble and let's get working out and get fit and stay hydrated this summer !