Monday 27 April 2015

Tangled Talents

Tangled Talents

"When will my life begin?"

Disney's version of Rapunzel in the film Tangled was struggling with this question. Locked up by the evil mother that pretended to "keep her safe" from the world, when
really all she wanted was to keep the healing powers of Rapunzel to herself, Rapunzel got creative. 

As I frequently work for a kids entertainment company, I had to learn the song "When will my life begin". Going over and over the lyrics, I felt the song took on a new meaning. 
Even though the film is not about releasing Rapunzel's creative talents, but releasing her from her tower and bringing her back to her family, I felt like this song and that part of the story was like a parable about a lot of people that are talented but are stuck in their "tower".

What would you do if you were locked up in a tower? I think Rapunzel did the right thing - Besides cleaning her tower every morning, she read, painted, played guitar, knitted, did puzzles, played darts and chess, baked, made paper mache, danced ballet, did pottery, made candles, sketched, sew dresses and of course she sang!!!  Look at the beautiful space she created!

That's a lot of creative things to do in a day! We might not have as much time as our lovely Rapunzel, but we all do have time! 
Maybe we need to build ourselves a tower and lock ourselves up in it to become creative, educate ourselves, learn new skills and nurture our talents with any distractions of the outside world. Rapunzel could have easily just been depressed on her bed, crying herself to sleep every night and letting the tower be a place of hell for her. Luckily, Disney had a better idea and created this wonderful princess that has drive, that is passionate and is still overwhelmingly loving yet strong and corageous even though she was trapped in her own world.

Exactly this can become a danger for us, that whilst we need our tower time and space to be creative, we stay in there and never let our light shine to the world. 
The evil mother disguised as the one that wanted to protect Rapunzel, is like our fears to get out of the tower. When all we have known is our own creative space it can be daunting stepping out into the world and getting our talents seen! 
Unfortunately, unlike in fairytales, there is not always going to be a Flynn Rider aka Prince Charming that will save us from the tower. We have to break out ourselves and take the risk that not everyone might agree with us. Our fears might be haunting us like the evil mother. But remember, all the evil mother wanted was to keep Rapunzels talents for her own selfish use. 

 I want to remind myself of this story - to be in the tower and create and learn but then also to break out and show my passions to the world.

This motivated me this weekend to not just be in my tower and play piano out of my own pure passion for it but to record it and let the rest of this magical kingdom (the www!) hear it: 

To let the light shine even more, if you're a producer and have an idea to collaborate on this piece feel free to get in touch! 

Your life is NOW, it won't ever "begin"! The Journey IS the destination!
I'd love to hear your comments/struggles/creative ideas on here!

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Music timehop - Just While You Cry

On today's blog I want to share the story of the single "Just While You Cry" that was released exactly one year ago: 

The story of those two artists and their collaboration is far from dull. Whilst Maya Wolff began her career at 12 years old recording her first song, so has Destyn, attending one of the most prestigious music production colleges in LA, just that they met when Maya's musical path took a new direction almost 15 years later.

As a singer/songwriter who plays the piano but is now focussing on being a Bass and Electro artist, she got approached by Destyn to produce her song “Just While You Cry” back in 2013. For a 12 year old with that much confidence to work on a track that was going to be a challenge as it was written in 3/4, Maya was intrigued and an exciting collaboration had started. Destyn came back with a Dubstep version that had Maya’s attention. They both met in LA to work on the track that many people were already very fond of after uploading a teaser on soundcloud even before its release. 

In all of Maya’s work, her passion has always been to encourage young talent and Destyn is definitely  going to make some waves as he has now graduated Icon Music College whilst still attending school and now the both of them have signed the track to Castle Records and was released April 21st 2014. 

“Just While You Cry” is an emotional Dubstep track with a lot of lyrical meaning but at the same time uplifting in it’s core, which shines through in its production. Inspired by less of a romance and more of a meaningful encounter, Maya wrote the song one evening after reflecting on this in the hope that it will connect with people.


I know what's been done
I see it in your eyes
You tell me what's been done
You are hurting, hurting, hurting
I can see your tears
Come here, I take your fears

I know what you're going through
Let me through to you cause I love you
Let me hold your heart for a little while
Just while you cry

(Acoustic Version only: 
The deep scars or your soul
I know them all to well
I can't make you whole
But we can let go, let go, let go
Your look breaks my heart
I wanna hold you, never be apart 
Let me hold, let me love you
Maybe you will see me and you love me too)

Buy your copy here:

To listen to the acoustic and dubstep version, visit Soundcloud:

Monday 13 April 2015

Fashion - Time Don't Wait

Fashion - Time Don't Wait

What is always here but never comes....

... the answer is "tomorrow"- as the German saying goes (Was is immer da aber kommt nie - "Morgen"!)

The reason why I love promoting TDW Clothing isn't just because I love their collections but also because they have understood a thing or two about life!

"TDW Clothing reminds us how precious time really is, we can be wealthy and lose everything and in some cases make back the money or possessions we lost but we will never be able to get back any of the time we have wasted doing things that we didn’t really want to be doing remember the most expensive gift in life is time. The time is now. #TimeDontWait" 
This resonates with me 100% and is an ethos I try to live my life by on a daily basis!
That's one of the reasons I've never had a full-time, non-creative job I don't love and I rather live on the edge than following the false security a "normal" life (whatever that is) offers us.
We might die tomorrow so let's live life to the fullest. And why not look good while we do that! Get your TDW Outfit now, cause time keeps ticking and unless you move at the speed of light we are all victims of it! 

Lady of Time T-shirt - Great every day feel good T-shirt

Katy B liked the TDW Scattered Crosses 2 piece too
Crosses and Clockwork Vest - Love this for a casual night out
Lady of Time T-shirt - Also great for a work out
My absolute favourite - Gold Cog 2 piece 

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Fashion - Papintoclothing

Fashion - Papintoclothing

I so vividly remember a pair of purple, flowery leggings that I wore regularly when I was in primary school. Yes, it was the 90's! 

Now, leggings are back and have been trendy for a while.

When I came across Papintoclothing on Instagram (@papintoclothing) whilst brainstorming ideas for an outfit for a festival I was going to be playing,  I fell in love with the fashion label. Not long after, I received my handmade pair of New York leggings in the post, beautifully wrapped in a little parcel.

The leggings were made to my measurements and not only do they fit greatly, they also feel absolutely amazing. Any guy would love to put their hands on those kinda legs feeling that smooth I'm sure.

To get your hands on a pair, check out their website and also their facebook that is always full of fun shots of their great leggings.