Montag, 13. April 2015

Fashion - Time Don't Wait

Fashion - Time Don't Wait

What is always here but never comes....

... the answer is "tomorrow"- as the German saying goes (Was is immer da aber kommt nie - "Morgen"!)

The reason why I love promoting TDW Clothing isn't just because I love their collections but also because they have understood a thing or two about life!

"TDW Clothing reminds us how precious time really is, we can be wealthy and lose everything and in some cases make back the money or possessions we lost but we will never be able to get back any of the time we have wasted doing things that we didn’t really want to be doing remember the most expensive gift in life is time. The time is now. #TimeDontWait" 
This resonates with me 100% and is an ethos I try to live my life by on a daily basis!
That's one of the reasons I've never had a full-time, non-creative job I don't love and I rather live on the edge than following the false security a "normal" life (whatever that is) offers us.
We might die tomorrow so let's live life to the fullest. And why not look good while we do that! Get your TDW Outfit now, cause time keeps ticking and unless you move at the speed of light we are all victims of it! 

Lady of Time T-shirt - Great every day feel good T-shirt

Katy B liked the TDW Scattered Crosses 2 piece too
Crosses and Clockwork Vest - Love this for a casual night out
Lady of Time T-shirt - Also great for a work out
My absolute favourite - Gold Cog 2 piece 

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