Friday 30 October 2015


Hey everyone!!!

This week has been super exciting and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has been part of it! "Midnight Sun" with 1000DaysWasted was released on Monday and went straight into the charts on Tuesday at No96 and kept climbing each day to No52 today. There are some massive producers in the Top50, so climbing up further will be a challenge, especially since the charts work by 7 days - so by next Tuesday we will have lost last Monday's sales.

Not only has it been climbing up the charts though, Beatport has also featured it on the DnB landing page under "New Charts" and "Latest Releases" in the last couple of days!

Thanks for everyone that has downloaded it already, and if you haven't, you can get your copy here and be part of the "Midnight Sun" Wolfferine team! Let's keep pushing this up right to the top over the next couple days, while the chances are best! 

I'm super blown away by the success of this and humbled and thankful for everyone that has been supporting this! 

THANK YOU & Have a wonderful weekend xxx

Monday 26 October 2015

News - "Midnight Sun" is OUT NOW

Hey guys, the day has come, this week could be a bit of a game changer - the D'n'B single "Midnight Sun" I collaborated with 1000DaysWasted on, is OUT NOW exclusively on Beatport.

It's a great track and I'm super excited to be involved in a D'n'B release. We'd love to see this go far, so we need all of you on board and download "Midnight Sun" either on BeatportPro or Beatport

Thank you so much for all the radio stations that have already played it, to the crew that are already downloading it as I'm writing this blog and to all of you that will be downloading it.

Thanks to VoodooPhotography for the photoshoot, Cara McDanielMakeUp for the awesome make up and of course 1000DaysWasted for collaborating and the wonderful friendship we've built throughout this release. 

Music is my passion, it keeps my heart beating, it makes my world go round. And even though I will never stop making music no matter of the success I will or will not have, it would be wonderful to see this do well and more doors to be opened <3 <3 <3 

Friday 23 October 2015

Fashion - Autumn with KA Designs

First of all - Thank You to everyone that has been on my Blog before, I have just hit 10.000 views!  

To celebrate, today's Fashion Shoot goes out to KA Designs ( who designed a tailor made costume for me that I wore to my last gig and will surely use again on stages in the future. 

Last week, Mundial Photographer Nick  ( and myself embarked out into the cold that felt more like winter already for an autumn shoot. 

Thank you to Lyndsey Samuels ( did a great make up job and waking me up with coffees. 

Here is what Nick has to say about the shoot:

With an abundance of colour around at this time of year, the desire to want to shoot trees, models slushing through leaves and other landscapes is, well traditional.
For this themed shoot, I wanted to combine the light at this time of year, with our models in muted and darker looking colours and using focussed light.  
The results are a slightly moody, slightly dark feel with an artistic look to match.  Paying attention to the hair, makeup, shoes and dress in the shoot, we feel it brings some atmosphere to the photos aside from the location which in this case is almost secondary.
Enjoy! Happy Autumn! 

Wednesday 21 October 2015

News - "Midnight Sun" Press Release

1000DaysWasted & Maya Wolff - Midnight Sun Out on 26th October 2015

From out of the shattered dawn. .The amber glow of the midnight sun.   The flood of muted orange. the darkness. .this darkness. ..

Out on 26th October 2015
“Midnight Sun” is a collaboration between producer and label owner 1000DaysWasted and singer/Songwriter Maya Wolff. Written by Maya Wolff and produced by 1000DaysWasted, the dark, melodic DnB track with its heavy bassline reflects an actual phenomenon where the sun can be seen at midnight in the Arctic Circle at a special time of year.
UK based 1000DaysWasted is a Beatport and Juno Top100 artist. As is Maya Wolff with her latest single also charting on Beatport, German born/Brighton based Maya Wolff adds perfectly to the production with her clear voice. With their combined passion for bass music that has not only shaped this track but also their friendship over creating music, 1000DaysWasted and Maya Wolff are bound to make some noise in the bass scene.
“Midnight Sun” will be released on the 26th October.

Listen to the exclusive interview I gave with Alpha sessions leading through my musical journey up to this single release:  

Friday 16 October 2015

News - Maya Wolff on TV TODAY (16th Oct 15)

At a last minute notice, I have been informed that I will be featured on The Latest TV tonight at 11pm as part of Noise Reel. Exactly a year ago Noise Reel have interviewed me and featured me on The Latest TV, so it was nice to be involved again and be filmed performing and interviewed during "Festival of Sound". 

The programme will be on at 11pm GTM TODAY! You can watch live or you can tune into Channel 8 if you are in the Brighton area. 

If you can't watch it tonight, it will be on at 5.30am GMT which might be more convenient for you people on the other sides of the world .  

If you want to check out last year's interview, have a look at this: 

Monday 12 October 2015

News - 2 Weeks To Go "Midnight Sun"- D'n'B Flashback

 2 Weeks To Go "Midnight Sun"- D'n'B where it all started for me 

It's exactly 2 weeks until "Midnight Sun", my next single with 1000DaysWasted will be released on Beatport. I finally feel like I'm back to some of my musical roots. My first ever projects working for producers and with DJ's were Drum'and'Bass tracks. In 2007 I was performing at "Lounge On The Farm" Festival with Breakology singing over one of their tunes. Unfortunately Dancing took over and instead of singing at DnB events, me and my partner in crime Sophie (known as Eximo) used to dance on DnB stages, inlcuding artists such as Grooverider, El Hornet, DJ Luck&MC Neat, Stay+, Harry Shotter.

My love for DnB goes still a bit further back to 2005, just after moving to the UK. I was first introduced to DnB in a vibrant little club in Canterbury in "Alberry's". Every other tuesday, Martin, also known as Scaface hosted some memorable nights with some top DnB DJ's. In the day I would have been dancing and singing as part of a popband going around the secondary schools of Kent, and Tuesday evening was our time out to rave to some heavy basslines.

Having trained in dance for years, I finally felt DnB was THE style where anything goes, let lose and get into the music - no one cares what you look like. The dark vibes, the dark venues, the atmosphere was something I strongly connected with at the time. It's probably not something anyone would have associated with me then unless you knew me at the time. It makes it even more special that Martin Skaface has played the track today on his radio show (Download the show here and relisten) will also play it on CSRfm over the next couple days. Big thanks to him for all the chats and support over the years!

I wish I would have focussed on working with DnB producers 10 years ago and not have gotten distracted by dance so much but I wouldn't have wanted to miss all the experiences made with that either. All this makes me even more excited to finally release my first official DnB release.
Midnight Sun will be out 26th October exclusively on Beatport. A big thank you to 1000DaysWasted who has finally brought me back to where I started. Make it a date in your diary now so we can push this track into the DnB charts. If you haven't got a Beatport account yet, open on, it's free, so you're ready to download the track in 2 weeks.

I spent some time digging out some old pics, here's a little flashback to my DnB dancing days: