Friday 28 December 2018

2018 - A look back! A glimpse into the stars!

Hello Wolferines,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time! As the year is drawing to a close, I like to reflect on the past and at the same time I look ahead dreaming up the new year making plans how to shoot for the stars!

It's been an important year for me on my personal journey, the way I feel about music and how I 100% want to embrace my calling to be a singer, songwriter and musician. I've explored my range in ways I haven't before. The feedback was certainly polarised but I take the love with the hate rather than getting lukewarm for something you don't stand for. 

March 2018:
"Music Save Tonight" was such an easy, straight forward collab with RaF d'Eifel! Coincidence has it that today I started working on a follow up track with him. More to follow in 2019!

April 2018:
"More Than Anything" was a great and successful release with DJ Abscence with Remixes by the one and only Lumpsum (who I released my first official track with in 2013) and SWIFT. This release climbed all the way up to NO 1 in the Beatport Trance Release charts! We had so much love for this EP - thank you if you were part of  <3 

It went a little quiet over the summer, however 3 more tracks were signed and this is the first of them to have seen the light of day:

November 2018:
"No One Should Be Alone", a track straight from the heart about the streets of the UK. Beatport's new "Hype" feature that highlights artists on smaller labels featured us on the Trance landing page for over a week and the track climbed to No 18, just missing out on entering the "normal" Trance charts.  

Thank you to every single person that's been part of my 2018 and for letting me be part of yours through music, social media and some of you even in person!

There are so many collabs in the pipeline for 2019 and I'm committed to stepping up a gear and getting more music out than ever! 

Let's dream big, shoot for the stars and let's make it happen in 2019!

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