Tuesday 31 May 2016

Fashion & News - Get ready for summer with Maya Wolff and Colour Flow Active Wear

The weather has been teasing us here in the UK with the odd spell of sunshine and temperatures slowly but surely rising!
The bank holidays and over-indulging are behind us, it's a new week and if you're like me  you might be thinking about your next holiday or just summer coming in general. 

I've put some of my favourite exercises together for you for your arms, your thighs and your butt that you can do in the comfort of your home, garden or why not in the park or integrate into your gum routine.

Each video only takes 5 Minutes to get your arms toned, your thighs strong and your butt tight. The exercises are super effective and you will start seeing results quickly if you do them regularly. 

A massive thank you to Colour Flow Active Wear for clothing me in such comfy material and amazing patterns and colours! Have a look at their full range at:

Now, time to get sweaty and do one of the video's or just do them all - 15min of your day is NOTHING and you will feel so much happier, healthier and stronger after!

All video's are under my company's channel Eximo where I will be uploading any fitness related video's to from now on so don't forget to subscribe

Let me know how you are getting on and hashtag #Wolfffit

Happy getting strong, toned and tight to look sexy at the beach!