Saturday 5 December 2020

"Fast Forward" EP

 Happy Friday! (sorry it's Saturday now)

I haven't written a personal blog in a while, so I thought it was about time! The last couple of months have been exciting releasing the singles "Here Right Now", "City Lights" plus their remixes and videos all leading up to this weeks' EP release "Fast Forward". 

Whilst struggling along with Long Covid for the past almost 9 months (hence this post is coming out a day late as I felt too exhausted whilst working on it yesterday), it's been a light on a dark road receiving all the support from you, my fans, from DJs, podcaster, music bloggers and vloggers around the world. I can't thank you enough for listening to and sharing my music. 

"Fast Forward" is the EP I have been waiting for. 
A piece of work with just my name on to stand out as a solo artist. I've been working on it for over 2 years and I'm thrilled for it to finally see the light of day. Your support in any way means the world. Whether it's sending me a tweet about it, streaming or sharing it, as an independent artist, every little counts.

 Please see my Press Release below to read more about the EP:

"Fast Forward is Maya Wolff’s Debut EP as a dance music artist in her own right. Coming to all stores 2nd December 2020 on Wolff Recordings

This 5 track release of fresh genre spanning club music combines commercial dance pop, deep house, electronica, with hints of breakbeats, darker vibes, fast lyrics and high notes. 

Not bending to the rules of what is expected of a vocalist and songwriter within one genre, “Fast Forward” perfectly mirrors Maya Wolff’s capability as an artist - versatile and with a vision to stand out and attract a wide audience of dance music lovers.   

The singles from the EP “Here Right Now” and “City Lights” with remixes by Steve Brian and Austin Leeds have attracted a huge amount of radio play including on BBC, features in podcasts and mixes such as “Enhanced sessions 582” and both entered the Top 10 in the Beatport genre charts. 

The EP kicks of with track “If Only” that will want to make you break out into routine on the dance floor. “Rise up” is a track that will stick in your head with its slower vibe in contrast to final track “Running” that saw it’s creation during a caffeine infused, late-night writing session."

If you can get your copy from Beatport it would be amazing to see it climb higher!










Friday 9 October 2020

NEWS - Maya Wolff "Here Right Now"



The last couple of years I have spent working on my upcoming solo EP "Fast Forward".
"Here Right Now" is the first single released last week introducing you to fresh Maya Wolff sounds accompanied by familiar Trance vibes, a remix by Enhanced Producer Steve Brian. 

Pulling together resources from our friends, me and my man shot the music video during lockdown for you, edited by

In the first week of release we kept climbing up the Beatport charts in Trance and Dance/EletroPop currently sitting on NO 4 in both Releases Charts and also went up to 79 in the overall Beatport Releases Charts. 
The Steve Brian Remix climbed into the Top 20 Trance Hype Charts and overall Charts to No 68.


The Release had a lot of support on Radio shows and Mixes. Thank you to all the amazing DJ's choosing to play "Here Right Now" and to everyone that has taken the time to listen. You can listen here!

Working on my own music and sound has been a great journey and I have more releases scheduled for you as well as working on fresh collabs for 2021! 

I hope you love this Release and will hit that repeat button. 
If you're a DJ and want to be on my promo list, please send me your email address. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 11 September 2020

NEWS - "CAPTURED" EP & Bonus tracks release



Captured has spent the last week it's been out in the Top 20 and mainly in the Top 10 of the Beatport Trance Releases Charts reaching No 7 on it's best day!

Captured is the debut release on my newly launched label Wolff Recordings.

This epic Vocal Trance EP is a very authentic piece of music by myself and Arsen Gold

Together we have worked on our distinct sound of high notes, melodic progressive chords and a depth of bass you won't want to miss. (Listen Here)

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that bought a copy, have streamed it and included it in the many mixes and radio shows over the last week. 

TODAY, the bonus release of "Captured" IS OUT with 2 mixes of "Through The Night"
Knowing how many of you enjoy my piano tracks, I recorded an acoustic version with just me and my Bl├╝thner piano during lockdown. Arsen Gold contributed with a classic trance mix working magic with my ad-libs.


I hope you can support this one with downloads/streams, including it in your playlist and mixes. 

I wish you a happy weekend!

Lots of love,



Friday 21 August 2020

NEWS - BBC Introducing to play "City Lights" Austin Leeds Remix

 NEWS - BBC Introducing to play "City Lights" Austin Leeds Remix

After years of uploading my music, receiving an email from BBC Introducing informing me they will feature "City Lights" in their saturday night show, makes all the hard work worth it! 

To grab BBC's attention and to encourage them to keep playing the track and pass it to BBC1 Dance shows, I would massively appreciate all your support. 

TUNE IN SATURDAY 22nd AUGUST between 9.30-10pm PM BST 
(4.30pmEST, 1.30pmPDT, 10.30pm GMT+2(Berlin))

If you can, please tweet / post a story on IG listening to the show and tagging
@bbcintrosouth , @bbcintroducing , @bbcr1 @missmayawolff 

This melodic deep house track will be part of my solo Debut EP coming out at the end of the year on Wolff Recordings. 

This singe, "City Lights", will be released at the end of October, including Austin Leed's remix which was their favourite, and an awesome music video with footage from one of my favourite shoots in Lanzarote. 

Can't wait for you Wolfferines to hear this amazing track! I have NO doubts you will LOVE it!

Friday 14 August 2020

FASHION - Desert Summer

 FASHION - Desert Summer 

It's been a while since my last blog! Life has been very different as I'm sure it has been for everyone. I have not been on any shoots, in fact I haven't met up with anyone at all in these last 22 weeks of lockdown and still fighting Covid symptoms.

As for many of us going abroad to exotic destinations isn't an option right now, I'm bringing the summer sun to you!

I got these wonderful edits back from a shoot I LOVED doing with photographer Stesel Boudoir and hair stylist Fab Hairdressing. Unlike the artist name suggest, it wasn't a boudoir shoot, but she certainly has an eye for making women shine. 

Enjoy the Desert Summer shoot!

Wednesday 29 April 2020



I think it's fair to say for everyone that 2020 is not what anyone would have imagined. Most of the world is in lockdown and we are having to deal with the challenges of this pandemic. Loss it what comes to mind. Hundred thousands are having to deal with the loss of the victims of Covid19 or just the loss of seeing your loved ones. Millions are ill fighting this disease. I'm amongst the latter. Lucky for me, I didn't end up in hospital but it's still a daily fight against tiredness and energy drops. 

If I hadn't fallen ill 6 weeks ago, my lockdown would have been a different story, I could have focussed my new gained time on making music, collaborating and songwriting. Yet, I do not want this time to pass giving something of my musical self to people in this strange, dark time. In 2016 I released an instrumental Piano EP "Inside Out". Since, I have accumulated a selection of songs to release a Piano album. However, with 2 impending Dance Music EP's to be released this year, I want to focus my energy on those. 
Instead I have decided to re-release "Inside Out" with a new bonus track "Darkness". I thought this was fitting for this strange time in which there is so much heartbreak and struggle in the world. My hope is you will find light in the music, or be able to feel and process the pain, loss or loneliness you might be feeling at this time!
The EP including the bonus track will be out on ALL STORES on Friday 1st May 2020!