Friday 31 July 2015

News - More Gigs Announced

As I'm very excitedly waiting for my new releases to be announced, I'm already getting booked for more live gigs. This has been a top priority for me for 2015!

I'll be playing my first London gig and also have a few more festivals booked in before the season ends. I would LOVE for you to support me and come along. Tweet me if you do and I will come and say hi!

Click here for all the details:
Music is the passion that keeps my life alive, my mind excited and blood pumping through my veins! It keeps me up at night and turns my experiences into songs. 

Over the last year, I have spent countless hours at the piano, with my head in my notebook writing lyrics, recording, arranging, producing... 
... it's time to bring this all to the stage now, so I'd like to ask for your help. 

If you know any venues looking to book artists, if you are a promoter or know one, you run a club/a music night yourself or have any other helpful contacts/ideas, I would love to hear from you. This can be a up to an hours set with a DJ doing all my tracks with live vocals or if it's a smaller, more intimate setting I also have a full acoustic set on the piano. 

Thursday 23 July 2015

News - FOOTAGE - Maya Wolff live at Apulstock

What a great weekend it's been playing Apulstock

 For once, the sun was out, it wasn't too cold and the vibes at Apulstock were fantastic.
DJ Ash Lomas and I had an amazing time performing our full set to a lovely crowd that was so responsive and showered us with compliments after. A big thank you to Alex Fryer who booked us and made this such a special event for everyone that went and especially those who it was catered for.

Enjoy the pics/videos:

 I love every part of performing - getting ready, doing hair and make-up...

 ....the anticipation of travelling there (since our limo didn't show up :p ) 

 ...hanging out before the show getting a feel for the crowd....and then I just feel at home on stage....


Monday 13 July 2015

News - Maya Wolff live at Apulstock

As the festival season has well and truly started, I'm very excited to be playing Apulstock on the 18th July. 

Apulstock is an independent community based, not for profit event run by volunteers as a music festival for People with Learning Disabilities, so I'm very honored to be part of such a great cause performing amongst other talented musicians and bands! Check out the website for full details:

It'll be a live set with DJ Ash Lomas featuring some of my singles as well as new tracks.

Hoping to see some of you there! If you are, feel free to tweet me (@missmayawolff) and I will try to say hello after the set!

The venue address is:

The Apuldram Centre
Appledram Lane South
West Sussex
PO20 7PE