Friday 15 November 2019

NEWS - PRE-ORDER "In The Places I Hide"

2019 - what a year! It's not over yet and I have one more treat for you! It's been the busiest year with releases, with such great support and feedback which keeps me going stronger than ever!

To end 2019 with a bang-er, I present to you "In The Places I Hide". I hope you find this collaboration with Arsen Gold to be as uplifting a tune as Trance gets! This is our 2nd Single but we have a whole EP we will hit you with in 2020, more emotive vocals and baselines to come, stay tuned!

"In The Places I Hide" is now OUT ON PRE-ORDER on Beatport! 
I would love your support with a pre-order and follow up the charting success the 2019 releases had so far!

I've also made a secret link for those that would like a longer preview - click here to get to a private Soundcloud link!