Thursday 11 May 2023

Electricity - OUT NOW


Electricity - OUT 11th May

Electricity is the 4th single this year from myself to your ears and eyes (video below). My husband and I spent an afternoon filming a music video teaser in the legendary Alice in Wonderland tunnel in the Kemptown gardens. It's come out rather arty and I hope you like it!

The most important thing in my artist life is doing the thing! Writing, releasing and doing what I love. Success is secondary, though I do wish or it. The feedback from the promo campaigns has been so lovely and positive in the lead up to this release. I hope you agree and will find yourself listening to Electricity more than once. As always, thank you a million for supporting my music. It means the world to me. 

Electricity lyrically tells of forbidden chemistry. The track creates the mystery musically of such a situation that has firm boundaries, yet pushed these in thought only. The synths and driving beat take you in a trance away into a dream world where anything is possible. 


You reach me and our worlds collide

Can it ever be

Beyond the seams of what’s implied

You tease me

To be heights of which it couldn’t be

It couldn’t be… 

But can it be

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