Saturday 22 October 2016

News - New acoustic track "You"

Warning - cheesy & soppy blog! 

Today is a very special day and to honour it I'm sharing a track with you I've written over a couple years ago. I didn't write this song with anyone in mind, it was more of a ... how would I feel if there really could be someone that doesn't let me down and turns out to be a waste of time, that I can trust, that is my "soul mate", someone that doesn't scare me committing to, who I would want to let in...

You are like my air when I need to breathe
You, your love is better than wine, I feel drunk when I taste your love
When you hold me, you hold my every thought close to your heart
You know exactly how I feel beyond space and time
I can feel you even when you're not here
Your presence remains
The kindness of your eyes is burnt into my soul

You - are all I want
You're all I need to stay alive
You - are my life's fire
You make me whole
The passion of my soul

You are the one I'm looking for
Until the day breaks, the shadows flee 
I will find you my fair love
Behold - You are near
Awake let the wind scream, let the the earth awake
Let the sun rise, you're here

You - are all I want
You're all I need to stay alive
You - are my life's fire
You make me whole
The passion of my soul
You make me whole, you give me the passion to live the passion of my soul"

Today a year ago I met this "YOU". I had just recorded an acoustic version of the song to send out to producers, so it was going round my head whilst being with him and the words were ringing true. It's been an amazing, adventurous year and instead of waiting for a producer to pick this up, it's time to share it with all of you! 

I hope you like it! 

Have a happy weekend! 


Thursday 20 October 2016

Fashion - Jolanta Pilinkaite Designs 002

I've introduced designer Jolanta Pilinkaite on the last blog entry. Here is the second outfit I wore performing at Juicy Beats' Bass Stage, my first international gig in a long time! 

Before the show...
 In action...

Meet my DJ... AB

Chilling backstage...

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Fashion - Jolanta Pilinkaite Designs 001

I've had the great pleasure to collaborate with an amazing upcoming new designer Jolanta Pilinkaite this summer wearing her designs performing several festivals in the UK and Germany. 
This first feature is her Orange Rose Dress <3

Photo credits above and below: Fashion shoot with 7two9 

 Mind Festival - Smantha Yore Photography Performance at Mind Festival with Ash Lomas and Scott Wyllie 

Last few snaps ...