Friday 7 June 2019

NEWS - Vocal feature on Alex Bank's "Beneath the surface" Album

After spending almost every day of the last 3.5 years with Alex Banks, it has simultaneously been the same time of him creating his masterpiece of an album "Beneath the Surface". 

Early on in the process I gave him a bunch of vocals, which I never dreamt of ending up on his album on the track "Forever". We also spent some time in the studio recording lots of ad-libs to complete "In the Silence", which is one of my personal favourites. I've seen the crowds in the clubs gone mad to this one and now that the album is released there will be many live shows to come!

The whole album is worth listening to with vocal features from famous singer "Asgeir", alongside dark emotive techno vibe tunes that you won't forget.

Have an amazing weekend! 
Enjoy the new music!