Tuesday 26 May 2015

Have you missed it?

A big thank you to everyone that was locked in on sunday when my interview with Eugenio was aired on  Radio Stonata! It was a debut for me to be interviewed on an italian station.

I appreciate all the good feedback I've had about the new single with PrettyBoyAcid that is still going through the last tweaks.

Do not despair if you have missed it though! Click here to listen and listen again .

To just listen to our preview version of Hot&Cold go to:

Have a great week and thanks again to all you Wolfferines out there! Leave your comments and thoughts! 

Much love, Maya

Wednesday 20 May 2015

News - It's been a while...

.... it's been a while since my last release! I've been on a rollercoaster journey of keeping faith and confidence that I will continue to make music that will not only be music that people love listening to but that will also get the attention of producers and labels out there.

I can finally say that we're very close to the next release which is "Hot&Cold" I collaborate with PrettyBoyAcid on. We signed it back in January with 6N7 Music but have been working on finishing the song since.

In the light of this I have been contacted by radio host Eugenio Ceriello to give an interview this sunday on his show around 6pm UK time (GMT 0)

The radio is RADIO STONATA. You can listen to it via web www.radiostonata.com or with the Radio Stonata free app available in all the mobile stores, or on AppleTv (section Comedy).
The radio station is bilingual as it's broadcasted from UK and from Italy and a big part of our listeners are Italians that lives in UK, so our interview will be in English.

If you have any questions or comments before/during the show you can already send them to diretta@radiostonata.com or on Twitter using #radiostonata or send them live during the show. Alternatively, you can post your questions/comments below!

Make it a date in your diary! Hope to answer some of your questions on sunday and looking forward to your comments!

Monday 11 May 2015

Fashion - AKA Clothing

AKA Clothing

 I totally love wearing AKA Clothing, not just at gigs but also in my personal life!
Absolutely adore their unique items that you won't find in your normal high street shop. 
It's a must have for everyone going for the minimalistic black and white style this summer! 

Oxy Crop Top Black with Neon Logo - with Zara leather miniskirt

Wearing the Scarfell dress at a Brighton acoustic gig

Check out AKA here: