Thursday 23 February 2023

NEW MUSIC - Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts 
Peter Dennis & Maya Wolff

I'm very excited for this special next release with upcoming producer Peter Dennis, OUT 10th March 2023, Pre-save/Listen here.

Peter Dennis got in touch with an instrumental for me to write to last November right around the time the Colorado Springs Nightclub shooting happened. Feeling moved by the tragic events, it only took me only a few minutes to write the lyrics:

I see colours shining 

I see love crying 

I see broken hearts that just wanted to dance 

Broken lives that just wanted to live 

So let’s stand and fight

Let the colours live

Let their hearts shine 

It is tragic that someone could not only go around with a gun shooting people, but that these events happen aimed at the LGBTQ community. 

Having grown up in a household with adverse opinions about feelings for the opposite sex when I asked about it as a young child then later having been targeted by evangelical Christians that made me face the decision of either believing in Jesus or going to hell at the age of 11 that were of much of the same opinion as I encountered at home, I admittedly did not spend much time considering how I felt about the topic growing up. Unfortunately, it wasn't until my mid-twenties when I finally managed to break out of the religious cult that labels itself "Christianity".

I was guilty all the same for some years of my life for not making enough room for people whatever their preference. I never attacked anyone, love for the person was always in the centre for me, even though misguided. 

My mind sometimes wonders if I would have explored more if it hadn't been for the people in my life telling me that feeling attraction to the opposite sex was either a result of a non-functional upbringing (which I surely did have but had no intention of proving the messenger right) or that indeed it was the devil's temptation.

Thank f***(cause I don't thank God anymore... maybe the universe as some metaphor in a mystic way) I managed to break out of both of these destructive belief systems. I have a huge amount of empathy for anyone that is targeted with these damaging opinions, let alone experience any sort of abuse or violence over it.

"Broken Hearts" pays tribute to all the victims of the Colorado Springs shooting but also to all the small and huge adverse actions and reactions anyone has experienced that doesn't fit the "norm".
How I wish I could go back to that 10 or something year old girl that was me that innocently asked "what if a girl likes a girl" and give her a very different answer than the one I received and echoed in my mind for the following 15 years of my life and lived a lot more open minded. 

I hope this release is full of hope for a better future and a reminder to hold each other up in love.