Friday 15 November 2019

NEWS - PRE-ORDER "In The Places I Hide"

2019 - what a year! It's not over yet and I have one more treat for you! It's been the busiest year with releases, with such great support and feedback which keeps me going stronger than ever!

To end 2019 with a bang-er, I present to you "In The Places I Hide". I hope you find this collaboration with Arsen Gold to be as uplifting a tune as Trance gets! This is our 2nd Single but we have a whole EP we will hit you with in 2020, more emotive vocals and baselines to come, stay tuned!

"In The Places I Hide" is now OUT ON PRE-ORDER on Beatport! 
I would love your support with a pre-order and follow up the charting success the 2019 releases had so far!

I've also made a secret link for those that would like a longer preview - click here to get to a private Soundcloud link! 

Friday 13 September 2019

FASHION - Sacred Hearts Boutique & Solo Stylist

I'm not someone that hangs out with lots of girls all the time so when I do find women I connect with, I truly support them and take time for them. And so it seems do they! Just over a year ago, my hair needed rescuing from an expensive mistake going to Tony and Guy. I found just the girl for it - Ella aka Solo Stylist

She has done a fabulous job with my hair ever since and she's also great to hang out with!

Also about a year ago I did an editorial photoshoot that was published in Elegant Magazine  , I was on a weight loss journey at the time and didn't feel I was in the best shape of my life but decided to go in front of the camera anyway. I made a promise to myself that in a years time I would go back to the same location to do another beach wear shoot. 

Discussing this idea with Ella, she suggested to link up with another one of her entrepreneurial clients that own Sacred Hearts Boutique . 

Running your own business can be super challenging at times but meeting women like me who are fighting for their dreams and goals is refreshing and the girl power really spills over to one another. Not only do these women run their own businesses, they also did a great job being creative behind the camera taking great shots!

Make sure you check them out and leave them some nice comments on their socials!

Wednesday 17 July 2019

NEWS - "You Can Let Go" Vocal Trance

Happy Humpday Wolfferines,

I hope everybody's having a great week! Mine has been super exciting with my latest Vocal Trance collab with Jameson Tullar entering the Beatport release charts on release Day currently sitting on No 2! We're also climbing the overall Beatport release charts currently on No 58. 

You Can Let Go
"You Can Let Go" is a release I'm really happy with. 
The vocals have been inspired by some personal situations and with the heart to encourage anyone to only have positive people and situations in their lives. 

Anything taking away from that - let go and move on! 

You only have one life to live - be happy and free! Sometimes letting things and people be is what's needed to protect yourself, your happiness and sanity, even if that's people you used to call friends or even a family member.

The release is out now exclusively on Beatport, this is the only place you can purchase and listen to it! Get the track and get a summer high <3 
Let's hear all of you Wolfferines make some noise and see if we can claim that top spot!


Friday 7 June 2019

NEWS - Vocal feature on Alex Bank's "Beneath the surface" Album

After spending almost every day of the last 3.5 years with Alex Banks, it has simultaneously been the same time of him creating his masterpiece of an album "Beneath the Surface". 

Early on in the process I gave him a bunch of vocals, which I never dreamt of ending up on his album on the track "Forever". We also spent some time in the studio recording lots of ad-libs to complete "In the Silence", which is one of my personal favourites. I've seen the crowds in the clubs gone mad to this one and now that the album is released there will be many live shows to come!

The whole album is worth listening to with vocal features from famous singer "Asgeir", alongside dark emotive techno vibe tunes that you won't forget.

Have an amazing weekend! 
Enjoy the new music!


Monday 25 March 2019

NEWS - New single announcement

"This Love" 

After a lot of legwork in 2018, I'm beyond excited to release one of many tracks I have been working on with Arsen Gold! It's such a pleasure working with this talented producer that makes me fall in love with music all over again! 

For this track, I dug out some words I never thought would make it into a Trance track but they just worked with the euphoria of this track!

Listen to the preview of "This Love" and show your support with a pre-order. Maybe it'll be a 2019 Beatport chart hat-trick!

The release will be out this Sunday 31st March! Do follow me on Spotify to get notified! 

Friday 11 January 2019

NEWS - New Single Out "Dig Deeper"

Happy 2019!

Let's start this bleak January with New Music! 
Two Days ago "Dig Deeper", a collaboration with Freeman was released and we're off to a good start sitting at No25 in the Beatport Trance Hype charts! 

You might remember last year I had a moment of being very honest on here, how the music industry had taken some of my joy for making music. It was a turning point for me to write about deeper subjects! 

The lyrics to "Dig Deeper" are a reflection of a part of a past life...

When you've lost yourself
And you question everything 
How you used to think and trust your believes

It was always you 
Everything you do 
And by your faith you are God

Dig Deeper, Reach Higher, You will see the light 

I have a bit of a crazy story of converting to extreme evangelical Christianity in my pre-teens. They got me when I was young and vulnerable and still childish enough to be easily manipulated into a faith that is always set on recruiting more followers. I had some crazy experiences, especially emotionally. 

Now that I am not a believer anymore and managed to escape the prison that is labelled "freedom and eternal salvation", I have realised how incredibly capable humans are to feel and achieve by their faith. 

As I don't believe in anything higher anymore I still believe that I didn't make any of my experiences up that were deeply moving and made my life work in a special way. I do believe that all of that lies within everybody. 

Everyone can turn their life around, feel incredible things and move mountains! "By your faith you are God!" But we might have to dig a little deeper into ourselves and reach a little higher ! 

Feel free to support the Track on Beatport

Or stream it on Spotify

How deep will you dig this year? How high will you reach? Your for those dreams, for the life you've always wanted! 
There's happiness, hope, light and love within all of us and even more so we have incredible powers to bring things to life!