Wednesday 6 January 2016

News - Cardio-Ab-Workout (+Dragonfly review)

 New year, it could be a new (physical) you!

Apart from music being my life's passion, I've also been a dancer and dance teacher for the last 15 years, run my own company and been on mini tours around Europe. I love keeping my body fit and going to the gym! 

I've had the pleasure to collaborate with Dragonfly and Stephanie Clarke to shoot my first fitness video, a 3min Cardio-Abs-Workout that you can follow along to and share in with my goal of 2016 being the fittest year yet. 
The fact that our body is the only home we have keeps motivating me to look after it and pushing its limits. 

I hope you enjoy my first of hopefully many fitness video's! 
Do comment, like and share if you want more of these!

If you are finding this a little fast, check out the instructions below the video:

Exercise 1: Stand shoulder width apart, arms streched out parallel to the floor, locking positions right, centre and left. Engage abs, keep arms parallel imagining someone is pulling your fingertips.

Exercise 2: Bend knees, arms in front of chest, twisting to the right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left etc.

Exercise 3: Bring hands to your head, elbows to the side, crunching your right knee up to your right elbow, your left knee into the left elbow, engage obliques.

Exercise 4: Keep position as in exercise 3, but this time take opposite knee to elbow. 

Repeat each exercise for 4 counts of 8, then 2 counts of 8, then one count of 8 twice.

I recommend to do the workout 2-3 times to really feel/see the benefits.

I can honestly and without a doubt say it's been a delight working out in my Dragonfly outfits! They make me feel sexy and I didn't for once have to worry about any sweat patches. They feel totally comfortable and strech to fit any shape. Dragonfly clothes create a beautiful combination of elegant, athletic, stylish and feminine design. Like your second skin! 

This is what the brand says about themselves: 

"Dragonfly is a creature that symbolises fascinating lightness with ferocity and endurance. Dragonfly is a gentle creature but it has an ideal construction and behaves absolutely fearless. That’s why Dragonfly became an inspiration to our clothing and our brand. Same as the Dragonfly our clothes attract with beautiful colours and perfect design."

We also shot a video for my friend Stephanie Clarke and did a photoshoot you can enjoy below:

Monday 4 January 2016

News - "Hot & Cold" is OUT NOW

"Hot & Cold" - Pretty Boy Acid Feat. Maya Wolff is OUT NOW 

First of, I wish you all a very happy, amazing new year! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Germany and feel mega motivated for 2016! Expect lots more music this year, and it's starting off with a long awaited release:

"Hot & Cold" written by Maya Wolff and produced by Pretty Boy Acid is out today exclusively on Beatport. The Original full length as well as the Radio Edit are available for purchase.

I hope all my Wolfferines can get their downloads in the next few days so we might have a chance to enter the Beatport Electro House charts. It was amazing to see my last single "Midnight Sun" climb up to No 36 in the DnB charts, so it definitely is possible BUT the Electro House charts are a lot harder to crack, so please share/RT/play "Hot & Cold". 

Here's the link: 

(If you only want to get one version, please get the full length "Original" one as this one is more likely to chart) 

Massive thanks for the support and HAPPY NEW YEAR!