Montag, 4. Januar 2016

News - "Hot & Cold" is OUT NOW

"Hot & Cold" - Pretty Boy Acid Feat. Maya Wolff is OUT NOW 

First of, I wish you all a very happy, amazing new year! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Germany and feel mega motivated for 2016! Expect lots more music this year, and it's starting off with a long awaited release:

"Hot & Cold" written by Maya Wolff and produced by Pretty Boy Acid is out today exclusively on Beatport. The Original full length as well as the Radio Edit are available for purchase.

I hope all my Wolfferines can get their downloads in the next few days so we might have a chance to enter the Beatport Electro House charts. It was amazing to see my last single "Midnight Sun" climb up to No 36 in the DnB charts, so it definitely is possible BUT the Electro House charts are a lot harder to crack, so please share/RT/play "Hot & Cold". 

Here's the link: 

(If you only want to get one version, please get the full length "Original" one as this one is more likely to chart) 

Massive thanks for the support and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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