Wednesday 19 April 2017

News - Trance Release Announcement

Trance Release Announcement 

"The dream that I see 
The colours I feel
Everything around me can change 
Positivity is the key to believe as we leap across the universe
Galaxies of thoughts creating worlds meant to be
Flying freely into our destiny 
Come on cause 
So what if we can what we dream of
What are we waiting for" 

Trance music is one of my biggest listenings pleasures and I'm excited to announce my first Trance release.  This collaboration between producer Fulgurant and myself is the perfect fusion of uplifting bright vocals and a hint of old school Trance with a catchy chorus that will stick in your head. 
It will be released on Yeiskomp on the 2nd MAY.
It can already preordered on amazon, Juno etc. 

Or you can watch the full version on YouTube: