Thursday 6 August 2015

News: Maya's #girltweet 's are back!

I'm re-introducing #girltweet 's ! 

I used to post #girltweet 's at 10pm every day for a long time. 
I feel strongly about women being empowered and having healthy, uplifting conversations, especially since the stronger percentage of my interactions and following is men. 
There's nothing wrong with that but I do want to get girls involved and not be like other girls can be - competition or bitchy or whatever other experiences you can sum up your interactions with girls, be that in real life or online. 

There is enough bullying, negative self image and pressures to be a certain way for us girls nowadays  and I'd like to contribute to the opposite trend: Being kind, empathetic, supporting, to cry with you when you cry, lift you up when you're down and see the beautiful things and not focus on the negative.  

Usually I find youtube advertising to be a nuisance and I hit the 'skip' button pretty quickly. Today I stopped and watched:

Let's be unstoppable! No more believing of the lies that limit us! I hope you - boys and girls alike (just to make it clear this is not an anti man discussion or feminist propaganda in any way) will join the discussions on twitter at 10pm for the next few days 
#unstoppable #girltweet