Wednesday 9 March 2016

New Music - "The End Of War" for Sports Relief!

A couple of weeks ago the migrant situation in Europe started to really upset me, reading the stories of the people suffering, a doctor that told his story about witnessing the pure sufferings of those who have fled and how it's affecting even the small towns in my home country - Germany. 

On the same day, I happened to watch a film that tackled domestic abuse involving young people. It left me feeling broken and in tears and with a head full of questions of what I can do to make the world a better place. War in the world and terror at home is the reality for hundreds of thousands of people, not just in Syria but right in front of our door steps and maybe even literally next door for all we might know. 

The only thing I know to do then is to put it into word and song. 
"The End Of War" is the result of this. It's so hard to know how we can help those migrants or those that are directly affected by some evil in this world, but I figured we can all do our part in leading a life full of love for whoever comes our way, letting love rule in our closest relationships and those encounters life gives us with those in need. 

The end of war is love! In the meantime, I'd also like to encourage you to give. I've thought long and hard how to do this and decided to go through the well known and currently ongoing Sports Relief challenge. I am well aware this is not a sports activity, however it's an initiative that shares my heart and a reliable one to distribute money to where it's needed. 

I have set up a page with them where you will find the link to download the song. You don't have to give and can just download and enjoy the music but it's an encouragement to give as little or much as you can. Head here for the link, give and download the song :)

Otherwise you can just enjoy the song on soundcloud ---> listen, like and share it and keep those less fortunate in your mind and heart.