Monday 15 February 2016

News - First festival bookings announced

Hey Wolfferines,

It's been a little while since my last blog. I have been very busy completing my first Piano EP, writing new material and planning some other projects, all to be announced soon.

For now, I'm super excited that I have already been booked for some festivals for this summer.
First of all you can see me on the main stage at  Mind Festival in Kent that will be on 3rd-5th of June! I used to live in Kent and have performed at Lounge On The Farm Festival for most years when it was running, so being back in the old hood will be great!
 Get your tickets for it on their website (click on the picture below).

Secondly, I'm even more excited that I will make an appearance at Juicy Beats in Dortmund, Germany . The last time I performed in Germany is over 10 years ago before I moved to the UK. I'll be doing a few tracks with DJ Dash on the Bass Stage, so for all you German friends, get your tickets and get that bass face out on the 30th July!

Last but not least (and hopefully not the last booking for this year), I will be returning back to Newhaven's Festival Of Sound on the 10th September, also playing the main stage this time! 
I had a great time last year playing a small stage so I feel honoured having been asked to play the big one this time! Again, if you're around and want to see some great live acts IN A FORT, this will be a great couple of days!

These are "only" 3 festivals so far and I'd really love to have a busier live schedule especially for the summer, so if you are a promoter, know anyone that's involved in a festival, an event or nightclub, please do spread the word and contact for a presspack and more info!

Here's a little promo video: