Saturday 8 November 2014

If The Sky - Press Release

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12.000 Miles of music

12.000 Miles of Music

"The result of 7 months work and Skype calls over 12,000 miles away I am very proud to share with you "Trusting You" featuring UK singer Maya Wolff." - Shares talented producer Lumpsum on his facebook.

Working with Lumpsum over a distance of 12.000 miles - UK - New Zealand - has been one of the most essential decisions I've made in the last couple of years. This has put me right back to where I needed to be - writing and singing the music I love!

I have been writing since the age of 10 and was in a touring popband for a couple of years straight after I had graduated school (A-Levles) in Germany. I then got somewhat distracted by my second love - dance. I founded a dance company for which I taught and performed. After a series of events in 2012 I did a lot of soul searching and it became clear to me that music, singing and songwriting is THE passion that makes my heart burn and that I had to get back into it and push for the success I want more than ever. 

I had grown a passion for drum'n'bass and Dubstep over the years and then the electronic dance music scene emerged into the more mainstream music industry and I just knew in my heart what I had to do.

With the social networks being one of the greatest inventions of modern living (IMO), it was easy to make contacts and get to work.
Lumpsum was one of the first producers I got in touch with, purely because I couldn't stop listening to his music and knew that if we would work together, we could create something that would come from the heart.
Also working over country borders, we filmed a music video in the UK, edited by Dennis Winter in Germany ----> Watch it HERE -----> Purchase it HERE

To you, "Trusting You" might just be another Dubstep song, to me it marks the start of a new era in my life, finally having realised what my main passion is and follow that desire. 
I still dance, I still teach and I love having such a varied life but music is IT for now! 

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