Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

Awesome News - New track "Our Future" with LOONEY B

Hopefully you all survived the Christmas holidays happy, healthy and merrily!
I've been busy hanging out with Looney B, who I connected with over another release a couple of years ago. Ever since we've been working on different projects together, but getting together in his studio over the last couple of days, we managed to smash it and get sh** done! 
Here's our first and hopefully not the last collab for you guys from us! Enjoy this little preview for now and the full version will be out in the new year! We are both thrilled that it'll be included in the Sunshine Live New Years show too! 

On this note, I want to thank all my faithful Wolfferines for all the love & support in 2015. It's been a happy, amazing year and I'm just super excited about realising lots of new music in 2016 and be back on stage too!

Lots of love,


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  1. This powerful track just changed my mood in this morning!!!What a perfect bass, vocals and rhythm in this song, Maya!!!! Will be a success on the dance floor!!!!!! I truly can't wait to listening this full song!!!!! Congrats to you and Looney B!! :O)