Montag, 14. Dezember 2015

NEWS - "Hot&Cold" Release in 2016

This time last year I released a bunch of vocals for free for producers to play with. 
One of the tracks coming out of that was the version Pretty Boy Acid sent back to me of the vocals "Hot&Cold". 
We signed the track in January this year to 6N7 Music. I remember the moment well getting the call from the label. I happened to be in Vegas getting ready for a night out, so we had to have an additional few drinks that night.
We had a demo version up on Soundcloud that had a lot of love so far.

It's been a long process throughout this whole year of writing, recording, restructuring, rerecording.... but it is now ready to be released on 4th of January 2016 on Beatport. We have high hopes that this track will get a lot of recognition in the ever so emerging EDM scene especially in the US/Canadian market! 

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