Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

News - "Midnight Sun" is OUT NOW

Hey guys, the day has come, this week could be a bit of a game changer - the D'n'B single "Midnight Sun" I collaborated with 1000DaysWasted on, is OUT NOW exclusively on Beatport.

It's a great track and I'm super excited to be involved in a D'n'B release. We'd love to see this go far, so we need all of you on board and download "Midnight Sun" either on BeatportPro or Beatport

Thank you so much for all the radio stations that have already played it, to the crew that are already downloading it as I'm writing this blog and to all of you that will be downloading it.

Thanks to VoodooPhotography for the photoshoot, Cara McDanielMakeUp for the awesome make up and of course 1000DaysWasted for collaborating and the wonderful friendship we've built throughout this release. 

Music is my passion, it keeps my heart beating, it makes my world go round. And even though I will never stop making music no matter of the success I will or will not have, it would be wonderful to see this do well and more doors to be opened <3 <3 <3 

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