Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Fashion - Autumn with KA Designs

First of all - Thank You to everyone that has been on my Blog before, I have just hit 10.000 views!  

To celebrate, today's Fashion Shoot goes out to KA Designs ( who designed a tailor made costume for me that I wore to my last gig and will surely use again on stages in the future. 

Last week, Mundial Photographer Nick  ( and myself embarked out into the cold that felt more like winter already for an autumn shoot. 

Thank you to Lyndsey Samuels ( did a great make up job and waking me up with coffees. 

Here is what Nick has to say about the shoot:

With an abundance of colour around at this time of year, the desire to want to shoot trees, models slushing through leaves and other landscapes is, well traditional.
For this themed shoot, I wanted to combine the light at this time of year, with our models in muted and darker looking colours and using focussed light.  
The results are a slightly moody, slightly dark feel with an artistic look to match.  Paying attention to the hair, makeup, shoes and dress in the shoot, we feel it brings some atmosphere to the photos aside from the location which in this case is almost secondary.
Enjoy! Happy Autumn! 

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