Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Fashion - Papintoclothing

Fashion - Papintoclothing

I so vividly remember a pair of purple, flowery leggings that I wore regularly when I was in primary school. Yes, it was the 90's! 

Now, leggings are back and have been trendy for a while.

When I came across Papintoclothing on Instagram (@papintoclothing) whilst brainstorming ideas for an outfit for a festival I was going to be playing,  I fell in love with the fashion label. Not long after, I received my handmade pair of New York leggings in the post, beautifully wrapped in a little parcel.

The leggings were made to my measurements and not only do they fit greatly, they also feel absolutely amazing. Any guy would love to put their hands on those kinda legs feeling that smooth I'm sure.

To get your hands on a pair, check out their website and also their facebook that is always full of fun shots of their great leggings. 

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