Tuesday 27 November 2018

NEWS - Oops we did it again

It's only been a few days since "No One Should Be alone" has been released and it's been getting so much support! 

Thank you to all the radio DJ's that have been playing it and every single person that went and spent the money to download it! 

Beatport has a great new feature called HYPE to highlight underground artists like me. We went into the Top 100 Trance Hype charts at No.49 and have made it up to No.25 today.

You can read all about what this song means to me in my last blog entry and also in this amazing blog we've been featured in 

Amazing being featured in @ElectroWowBlog ! Check it out! https://www.electrowow.net/2018/11/maya-wolff-sings-from-the-heart-no-one-should-be-alone.html
I have decided to give any royalties from this track to homeless people, so we're not done yet ! 
Go get your copy, help the song climb and raise awareness of what's going on in the UK and all around the world right now, in the dark corners of our societies and in our own isolations!


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  1. Glad to hear it, dear Maya!.
    💜 💛 ❤️ ⭐ 🕊️ 🌈 🌿
    Have a good weekend, beauty!.