Montag, 16. März 2015

Fashion - Recarsi "Dream big, DO big!

It was around this time last year I was contacted by fashion label "Recarsi" after tweeting about looking for fashion sponsors for upcoming gigs/photoshoots etc. 

I love when things come to life! The week before Recarsi got in touch, I sat down and evaluated my life and my career. As part of that, my goal was to get some fashion brands behind me that I can promote as I find fashion a big inspiration in staying creative, even in making music and keeping me motivated to pursue this rocky but exciting path of living a full-time creative life!

It's amazing that the first brand that got in touch was Recarsi, as their ethos is exactly what I preach to myself and want to encourage other people with: 

Life is all about DREAMIG big and then DOING big! They go hand in hand! 
When I read what Recarsi is all about, my passion is sparked and I get even more excited about life - It's why I love fashion as it's more than just a necessity, it's an inspiring art form! 
Recarsi sent me some of their great range of T-shirts and accessories and I wore them to the launch of Brighton's first music conference - BMC 2014! 

Check out Recarsi:

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