Sonntag, 26. März 2017

NEWS - Release on Night45UK

"Just Be Mine" - Stringtheorist & Maya Wolff
1000DaysRemix on Night45UK

It's been almost a year and half since "Midnight Sun" hit the Top 40 DnB Beatport charts. Today we're releasing the follow up single "Just Be Mine", written by myself, produced by Stringtheorist and remixed by 1000DaysWasted. 

It's more vocal heavy as well as bass heavy as the previous release and we're expecting this to top the previous one. 
Stringtheorist and I tried out the original track around festivals last year and we're super happy 1000DaysWasted has joined us in our bass venture and made the track even bigger.

As always, every download counts and we're hoping to get this one charting again, so I'm calling on all you Wolfferines yet again, click the Beatport link and get your copy and lets make some waves in the DnB world.


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