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Counting Blessings - A Look Back

Happy Friday to all you faithful readers of my blog!

With a new release coming out on the 27th March on Night45UK (all details announced next week), I wanted to have a little look back.
It's so easy getting frustrated being in the music business. I'm still not playing huge gigs, I'm still not a name people would just recognise, my music isn't played on massive stations....... YET...
But instead of focussing on my still unfulfilled, outstanding dreams, it's good once in a while to look back over all the little achievements over the years, especially as my first official release is pretty much exactly 4 years ago.

Join me on a little flashback journey.... (Click on the pics for music links!)

It all kicked off on the 26th March 2013 with a Dubstep collab with the very talented producer Lumpsum:

I also released my first official music video with it: 

This release seemed to be what got the attention of producers and since I haven't been short of collaborations!

Next followed a Progressive House number in August 2013 and it's remixes in March 2014:

2014 started of with the EP release of Disco House single and remixes "If the Sky":

We also made a teaser video for this one: 

Next up in April 2014 "Just While You Cry" came out, produced by then 13 year old producer Destyn, wich made that release so special! He took an acoustic 3/4 song I wrote and put a sick dubstep beat under it!

What followed was a bit more of a success in numbers - all the next releases have hit the Beatport charts, and this one below was even played by BBC Introducing! In June 2014, "Pay Off" with Headsrolls and Fully Charged made it up no No 46 in the Progressive House Charts!

Coming away from Progressive House, I followed up with a DnB single with 1000DaysWasted which got up to No38 in the DnB Beatport charts in October 2015. The release happening in 2 week will be the follow up to the single "Midnight Sun":

And last but not least and with the highest charting position at No 8 in the Dubstep Beatport charts only a few months ago before Christmas, the release on Philosophy Recordings "I can't see the ground" with Phaera:

A massive thank you to all the fans, every single one that has ever bought and listened to my music, for your constant encouragement to not ever give up on my dreams, to all the producers and amazing musicians I've been working with over the years, the radio stations, the blogs, my wonderful family and friends that help me keep pushing forward.




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