Freitag, 10. März 2017

NEWS - New piano track "The End And New Beginnings"

Winter isn't my most favourite or most productive time of year and I've really had to push myself to draw on my creativity concerning music. But winter is coming to an end and creativity is surfacing again. To mark the end of this time of year I've posted a new piano improvisation "The End and New Beginnings".

I had lots of lovely feedback from many of you, so I wanted to point you all in the direction of my official Piano EP I released last summer. I have exactly 8 hard copies left for £5 each (plus postage outside of the UK) if you'd like to get your hands on those last ones, you can email me on or order straight through 

If CD is so last century for you, you can purchase your digital copy here (this platform makes me the most money) or go everywhere else for streaming/download e.g.

or search for "Maya Wolff Inside Out" on any other platform.

Hope you enjoy the piano music! And hear the new piece here:

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