Sunday 25 December 2022

2022 Roundup & News for 2023

 Happy Holidays

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful festive time and say THANK YOU for your support this year. 

2022 saw the release of "Close Your Eyes" in August which was very well received, followed up by "Nightfall" exactly a month ago that had equal success, hitting the Top 10 Melodic House and Techno Releases Charts for a week. 

Filming the Music Video for "Close Your Eyes" on Lanzarote where I am currently spending these Christmassy days was a magical experience. The volcanic landscape keeps on inspiring me. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a couple of photoshoots where which you can enjoy in this page. 

I've really loved releasing under my own name and getting music out there that's 100%me. However, I am also looking forward to the next release, which is another collab with Arsen Gold who I love working with.  "Whirlwind" is due to be released 6th Jan 2023. It's already been played by a bunch of shows and I hope you will love another vocal Trance track from Arsen and myself. 

In November I set myself a challenge to write 15 songs which I successfully completed. Over the next month I will refine these and hopefully have a year full of releases ahead for you. Bring on 2023! 

On a personal note, I look back onto 2022 full of joy and gratefulness. I got married to the love of my life (which I also wrote a song about - Lifetimes on SC on Amazon/Pandora) in the magical sunshine of southern Italy surrounded by our closest families and friends.

 My health has also significantly improved to almost back to normal levels after fighting Long Covid for coming up to 3 years. I couldn't be more grateful to have my health and love in my life - This is what Christmas is all about.

In the spirit of this wisdom, I wish you a peaceful rest of 2022.

May you enter 2023 full of hope, dreams and vision. 

Lots of love, Maya Wolff

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