Freitag, 18. November 2016

NEWS - Release on Philosophy

It's been a while since the last release in January but I'm back with an absolute banger - "I can't see the ground" - a collaboration with talented producer Phaera

The making of this track goes back to 2013 when I wrote the lyrics for it. I added some piano to the vocals and sent it off to Phaera in 2015. A while later and Phaera getting behind it with an amazing production, it got signed to Philosophy - a label I ADORE - as part of their "All I want for Christmas is bass 2016-2017" compilation. 

Now I'm calling on all my faithful Wolfferines for your support. Getting the track into the Beatport charts again like we did with the last releases would be amazing! For less than a couple quid you get a great track plus I'll throw in a FREE digital copy of my Piano EP "Inside Out" when you send me a screenshot of your receipt! Go, go, go! Buy it NOW :) I'm relying on all of you who have continuously supported me over the years to make this even bigger&greater!!!

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