Freitag, 18. September 2015

Fashion - Why fashion matters...Friday thoughts!

This week I've had several encounters with the same theme - why does fashion matter within music? People often ask me why I run a fashion blog alongside my artist news. 

Apart from the expectations that have been drilled into me from the day I performed just being a young teenager, what to wear was always something to be well considered. What we wear changes our perception and the perception of the audience, it shapes our reality. Whilst I'm more than happy lounging in a pair of Jeans and T-Shirt and hitting supermarkets in a tracksuit on a lazy day, fashion has always been and will always be a major part of my musical career. 

Jason Silva has summed this up pretty well in this video:

I've been very blessed that in the last year and half that I have found a bunch of clothing labels to feature in photoshoots and gigs. Fashion, just like creating music, singing and songwriting, is an expression of art that will always be deeply interlinked. Any well educated German person will have read "Kleider machen Leute" (Clothes Make The Man) by Gottfried Keller, that shows how a persons reality was completely changed by society's judgment of his clothes and fur hat. 
Even though, fashion should be used as a positive and creative, not a deceiving tool, it is powerful none the less. 
I don't hold the opinion that people and their character let alone anyone's worth is defined by what they wear, it can still have a great impact and for me will always be a considerable part of any performance. 

I've had a new outfit come through today that I cannot wait to wear at tonight's gig by the lovely Katarzyna Suchecka who runs the fashion label Ka Designs
Her design is custom made and I totally adore it.  

Have a great weekend <3 <3 <3 

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