Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

The shocking fact about Juicy Water(tm)

As I'm making my way to Berlin on another delayed flight with easyjet, I had a browse through the on-flight menu to find a refreshing beverage. 
Usually a fully committed coffee lover, the Juicy Water, Lemons and Limes to be precise caught my attention: "Simply blended with pure squeezed juices (...). Freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, spring water and some sugar to take the edge off - delicious." 

I was intrigued and purchased one. However, once I looked at the ingredients I was beyond shocked.
The pure squeezed juice only amounts to 12% which in the 420ml bottle I got is 50.4ml. 
The real shock factor though is the "some sugar to take the edge off bit".

Everyone who has a fair knowledge about nutrition and how bad sugar is especially when over indulged in, knows that 36,6g in a 420ml bottle is a huge amount of sugar especially for a product that advertises itself as a "juice drink with "pure squeezed juices and spring water". 

There is a big "and a ton of sugar" missing out of this equation. 

The sugar amounts to the missing 8% (80% water, 12% juice) of the drink, only 3% less than the actual juice.
Being a healthy person and not drinking fizzy drinks, my heart started racing after consuming about half the bottle, so I stopped (it's still racing like crazy now).

Our consumption of sugar shouldn't be more than 50g a day (for women, 70g for men)*, so drinking a small bottle of this supposedly refreshing drink makes up for about 73%of that daily intake (over 50% for men) - no wonder my pulse is going crazy! 

I guess the lesson learnt is this: A healthy looking label with healthy sounding advertisement is not always a healthy choice and anything that even mentions sugar, before having seen the actual bottle, I won't purchase ever again. 
The second lesson learnt - stick with good old coffee! 
And when I can make it myself, I stick to squeezing lemons myself and pouring hot water on it without taking the edge off! That makes me feel less crazy! (It's been 2hrs now since drinking this and I still feel like my heart is racing!).

Check what you put in your body as it's the only place you can live in and make good choices!

Would love to hear your experiences with this product or similar products!

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