Freitag, 11. Januar 2019

NEWS - New Single Out "Dig Deeper"

Happy 2019!

Let's start this bleak January with New Music! 
Two Days ago "Dig Deeper", a collaboration with Freeman was released and we're off to a good start sitting at No25 in the Beatport Trance Hype charts! 

You might remember last year I had a moment of being very honest on here, how the music industry had taken some of my joy for making music. It was a turning point for me to write about deeper subjects! 

The lyrics to "Dig Deeper" are a reflection of a part of a past life...

When you've lost yourself
And you question everything 
How you used to think and trust your believes

It was always you 
Everything you do 
And by your faith you are God

Dig Deeper, Reach Higher, You will see the light 

I have a bit of a crazy story of converting to extreme evangelical Christianity in my pre-teens. They got me when I was young and vulnerable and still childish enough to be easily manipulated into a faith that is always set on recruiting more followers. I had some crazy experiences, especially emotionally. 

Now that I am not a believer anymore and managed to escape the prison that is labelled "freedom and eternal salvation", I have realised how incredibly capable humans are to feel and achieve by their faith. 

As I don't believe in anything higher anymore I still believe that I didn't make any of my experiences up that were deeply moving and made my life work in a special way. I do believe that all of that lies within everybody. 

Everyone can turn their life around, feel incredible things and move mountains! "By your faith you are God!" But we might have to dig a little deeper into ourselves and reach a little higher ! 

Feel free to support the Track on Beatport

Or stream it on Spotify

How deep will you dig this year? How high will you reach? Your for those dreams, for the life you've always wanted! 
There's happiness, hope, light and love within all of us and even more so we have incredible powers to bring things to life! 

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2018

2018 - A look back! A glimpse into the stars!

Hello Wolferines,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time! As the year is drawing to a close, I like to reflect on the past and at the same time I look ahead dreaming up the new year making plans how to shoot for the stars!

It's been an important year for me on my personal journey, the way I feel about music and how I 100% want to embrace my calling to be a singer, songwriter and musician. I've explored my range in ways I haven't before. The feedback was certainly polarised but I take the love with the hate rather than getting lukewarm for something you don't stand for. 

March 2018:
"Music Save Tonight" was such an easy, straight forward collab with RaF d'Eifel! Coincidence has it that today I started working on a follow up track with him. More to follow in 2019!

April 2018:
"More Than Anything" was a great and successful release with DJ Abscence with Remixes by the one and only Lumpsum (who I released my first official track with in 2013) and SWIFT. This release climbed all the way up to NO 1 in the Beatport Trance Release charts! We had so much love for this EP - thank you if you were part of  <3 

It went a little quiet over the summer, however 3 more tracks were signed and this is the first of them to have seen the light of day:

November 2018:
"No One Should Be Alone", a track straight from the heart about the streets of the UK. Beatport's new "Hype" feature that highlights artists on smaller labels featured us on the Trance landing page for over a week and the track climbed to No 18, just missing out on entering the "normal" Trance charts.  

Thank you to every single person that's been part of my 2018 and for letting me be part of yours through music, social media and some of you even in person!

There are so many collabs in the pipeline for 2019 and I'm committed to stepping up a gear and getting more music out than ever! 

Let's dream big, shoot for the stars and let's make it happen in 2019!

Freitag, 14. Dezember 2018

FASHION - Red Dress

Somehow this year has gotten busy with photoshoots! This particular one I'm pretty proud of as it was not only super last minute but the Make up artist decided to just not show up so I had to quickly do my hair and make up myself with a box of make up left by somebody at the photographers house! It was freezing but we got the shot we were hoping for! Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with! Check out his Instagram on the link below!

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Dienstag, 27. November 2018

NEWS - Oops we did it again

It's only been a few days since "No One Should Be alone" has been released and it's been getting so much support! 

Thank you to all the radio DJ's that have been playing it and every single person that went and spent the money to download it! 

Beatport has a great new feature called HYPE to highlight underground artists like me. We went into the Top 100 Trance Hype charts at No.49 and have made it up to No.25 today.

You can read all about what this song means to me in my last blog entry and also in this amazing blog we've been featured in 

Amazing being featured in @ElectroWowBlog ! Check it out!
I have decided to give any royalties from this track to homeless people, so we're not done yet ! 
Go get your copy, help the song climb and raise awareness of what's going on in the UK and all around the world right now, in the dark corners of our societies and in our own isolations!

Freitag, 23. November 2018

NEWS - "No One Should Be Alone" OUT TODAY

After our Trance No1 hitting release, DJ Abscence and I decided to crack on with a follow up single. 
I was walking through the streets of Brighton, UK listening to the new instrumental he had sent towards the end of last winter. 
We had an exceptionally cold winter and as I was walking through the biting cold I was reminded of the unacceptable rise in homelessness in London and the South- East of the UK (see screenshot below for reference). There are rough sleepers on every corner of town. 
As I was listening to the instrumental, the words and melody came to me within minutes:

Unattainable lives 
Only the strongest survive 
Meeting ends
Ending dreams 
Stop to believe 

The ones that used to be there
They just stop and stare 
From the other side 
Not know what it's like

No one should be alone 

 (this bit didn't make it into the song as it didn't quite fit musically):
And if you can’t stand 
We’ll take the fall
And if you shall fall

We’ll fall for it all 

Homelessness is probably only a small cause of loneliness -  depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, illness and many more factors can cause this feeling of isolation. I'm sure we've all been there at some point in our lives. So let the music be a reminder to us to be kind and sensitive to the people around us and share the music with someone that might need to hear it must!  

As with every song, it goes on a journey of being refined over and over again. But here we are with another collaboration that is very close to my heart! A big thank you to all those that have already bought it on pre-order! I'm super excited to see how well it'll do! 

Make sure you get your copy here, if you haven't yet to support this cause of raising awareness for such a rising issue that doesn't seem to be going anywhere!


Samstag, 3. November 2018

FASHION - Beach Editorial Publication

4.30am - the alarm went off! I went straight to the Espresso machine to wake up for the morning ahead. I somehow manage to sleep for a few hours as usually my bedtime is not long before that wake up call!

Photographer Julia Sabiniarz arrived with her MUA Holly Mcgoochan and fellow model Crystal Rodrigues to start on the hair and make up whilst it was slowly getting lighter. 

Between making and drinking more coffee, Holly got us models ready to hit the beach at 6am. 
We drove to Rottingdean, a small quaint town just outside of Brighton to catch the early sunbeams of the wonderful summer we've been having. 

Julia used the light and captured the atmosphere of this early morning perfectly. The water was warm enough to enjoy jumping in to capture some creative shots! 

We were even more pleased when we found out that Elegant Magazine was going to publish some of these edits in their October edition! 

It's been a one of a kind shoot that was certainly out of my comfort zone, but this is where the good and exciting stuff happens! 

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018

NEWS - What I did about it - NEW MUSIC

A few weeks ago I wrote about the headf*** that the music business can be. 
My summer has been very positive just enjoying music for what it means to me, recording acoustic as well as sung tracks with my Blüthner piano. 
For the love of music, here's one of the tracks I have worked on this summer. 

This summer I also signed 3 more tracks in Trance and House! 
One of them is a follow up to "More than anything" with DJ Abscence. The other 2 will be revealed soon!
We are just waiting on the release dates to give out more info!

Have a happy weekend! Hope you enjoy this acoustic number of mine! As always, I love hearing what you guys have to say about it!